Why rent?

We have developed the Rekitchen rental kit for all of you that have a temporary housing situation - such as students and expats. Instead of buying low quality products (since you won't use it for too long) we offer you to rent premium quality for as long, or short as you wish. Here are some more arguments for why renting is the way to go!

It's sustainable 1! When we rent and use products only when we need them and then make sure that someone else can use them after us we're prolonging the life of the products. 

It's sustainable 2! When we rent we're making sure that products are used, a lot! Instead of being stoved away when you take a semester abroad or move in with somebody the products will be used by somebody else.

It's sustainable 3! With our renting model we're helping our suppliers to make even better products, it's simply good business for them if the products lasts, and lasts and lasts..!

It's flexible! Instead of having to take care of a box full of kitchen utensils when your housing situation is changed, you just send it back us.

It's price worthy! With our model you get to use premium products for a small monthly fee. Imaging the cost of buying all of that!