Privacy policy

1. General

This privacy and marketing policy (“Privacy Policy”) and how we process your data (“Cookie Policy”) describes how Ytterstad Consulting AB, Corp ID no. 559334-6983 Ängsvägen 18, SE-435 43 Pixbo, Sweden e-mail:, (“Rekitchen”, “we”) collects, uses, discloses and stores your personal data.


1.1 The Privacy Policy applies when Rekitchen provides services and products in connection with rentals, service matters and other interaction with Rekitchen, such as website visits. The Privacy Policy also applies to the processing of your personal data that occurs when you have an account with Rekitchen (“Account Holder”).

1.2 You should always be able to feel secure when you provide us with your personal data. With this Privacy Policy, we want to demonstrate how we ensure that your personal data is processed in compliance with current personal data legislation.

2. Personal Data Controller

Rekitchen is the data controller for Rekitchen’s processing of your personal data and is responsible for this processing taking place in compliance with applicable legislation. Rekitchen is also the data controller for the processing of personal data for those holding an account with Rekitchen.

3. When do we process your personal data?

3.1 In order for you to visit our website, rent our products or services or contact us for service or information, we need to collect and process personal data about you.

3.2 Rekitchen collects and processes personal data about you when you place an order on Rekitchen’s website, use Rekitchen’s customer service, visit Rekitchen’s website or an event organised by Rekitchen or interact in any other way with Rekitchen. The information collected from you during bookings and rentals is required to enable you to enter into an agreement with Rekitchen and for Rekitchen to be able to provide its services and offers.

3.3 If you are an Account Holder of Rekitchen, Rekitchen collects personal data about you that you provided when registering for an account. Rekitchen also collects information about you while you are an Account Holder within the of scope your account, including your order history, how you interact with Rekitchen’s website, the offers that you were interested in due to reading an email or clicking on a link. Rekitchen also processes information that Rekitchen is given access to from time to time through your account with Rekitchen. As an Account Holder, you can update your information at any time.

3.4 We also collect and update your address details via third party address update services.

4. What personal data do we process about you?

4.1 Applicable to Rekitchen Customers

The personal data Rekitchen collects and processes about a customer who places an order and uses our support services include:

  • Name and identification number (personal ID number, national ID or corporate ID number)
  • Address
  • Telephone number and email
  • Debit card number
  • Order number
  • IP address and information about your use of the Rekitchen website

4.2 Applicable to Account Holders

The personal data Rekitchen collects and processes about you as an Account Holder includes:

  • Name and identification number (personal ID number, national ID or corporate ID number)
  • Address
  • Telephone number and email
  • Payment information
  • Information about your orders

5. Why do we process data about you?

5.1 Applicable to Rekitchen Customers

Rekitchen processes your personal data for a variety of purposes. Rekitchen primarily processes your personal data for the purpose of:

  • Fulfilling our obligations to customers, such as charging rental fees, invoicing and providing support;
  • Providing general customer care and customer service, such as answering questions and correcting erroneous information;
  • Sharing information and direct marketing, by post, e-mail, SMS/MMS and telephone regarding the goods and services from Rekitchen and selected partners;
  • Managing the customer relationship and providing our services;
  • Providing you with relevant information and customised offers in newsletters and online;
  • Assessing the payment methods that we can offer you, for example through credit checks;
  • Improving our customer offering, for example developing services, products and features;
  • Preventing fraud and executing risk management; and
  • Complying with applicable legislation, such as accounting legislation.

The data can also form the basis for market and customer analyses, market research, statistics, business follow-up and business and method development related to orders for goods and services.

5.2 Applicable to Account Holders

In addition to the list above, Rekitchen also processes personal data about Account Holders for the purpose of:

  • Managing account holdings;
  • Providing you with the opportunity of utilising the benefits of having an account, such as the ability to save favourites, pre-filled information, extra payment options, smoother handling of cases and complaints and the ability to manage multiple addresses;
  • Presenting special offers;
  • Enabling communication with Account Holders via post, e-mail, telephone or SMS/MMS; and
  • Enabling personal offers, marketing and event invitations via telephone, post, e-mail and SMS/MMS.

6. The legal grounds for our processing of your personal data

6.1 Rekitchen bases the processing of your personal data on a number of legal grounds. These are described in this section.

6.2 Our processing of personal data is to enable us to fulfil the agreement with customers or Account Holders, such as carrying out bookings, charging rent and meeting our obligations in relation to Account Holders, such as simplified administration and order history. 

6.3 Part of the processing of personal data that we carry out is based on legitimate interests. This applies, for example, to the processing we carry out in order to be able to send you offers about our goods and services, the way you behave on our website, your interaction with Rekitchen, as well as to perform a limited segmentation of customers, e.g. based on total rental sums. Rekitchen does not process sensitive personal data based on legitimate interests. 

6.4 In some cases, Rekitchen may have a legal obligation to process your personal data. This applies, for example, to the processing of personal data that we carry out in order to meet the requirements of the Accounting Act.

9. How long do we hold data about you?

9.1 Your personal data is only held as long as there is a need to save it to achieve the purposes for which the data was initially collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 

9.2 Rekitchen holds information about customers for a maximum of 24 months after the customer last completed an order or otherwise interacted with Rekitchen. The data will then be deleted. 

9.3 Rekitchen holds information about the Account Holder as long as the Account Holder has a Rekitchen account.

9.4 Rekitchen may hold data longer if necessary to comply with legal requirements or to protect Rekitchen’s legal interests, e.g. if there is an ongoing legal process.

10. To whom do we disclose personal data?

10.1 Rekitchen may disclose your data to third parties, such as to collaboration partners and suppliers of IT services and card and communication services. Rekitchen may also disclose your information to companies that provide address update services to ensure that we have the correct address details for you. Rekitchen takes all appropriate legal, technical and organisational measures to ensure that your personal data is processed securely and with an adequate level of protection when transferred to or shared with such third parties.