How do I get started? - You order smoothly here on the Rekitchen website. the  kitchen package is delivered to the address you've stated and on the date you've stated when ordering.

What's the subscription period?  You're free to cancel your subscription whenever you like, we have no binding time. We will only charge you for the time you use the products. 

What happens if something gets lost or stolen?  Contact us as soon as you've noticed that something is missing. We will send you a new product and charge you for the stolen or missing product. The price of the product all depend on how long it has been circulating and the condition of the product and is nothing that we can know beforehand. 

What happens if something get broken or damaged? We ask you to take care of the products as if they were your own. Use your common sense! When doing the dishes please use a mild washing up liquid, try not to scratch and polish the products too much, to make them last longer. The products chosen are premium quality and we want them to be used, everyday! We understand that it will show that they have been used. If something get's broken we'll send you a new product and try to fix what's broken. 

Are the products that I rent new or used?  The easy answer to that question is that it differs from time to time. Some products might me  totally new and some might be used before. We are constantly buying new products to make our subscription service available to more people.  

How does the payment work? You always pay directly when you start your subscription and then the monthly cost will be withdrawn from you account the same date every month until you cancel your subscription. 

How do I cancel my subscription? You can easily cancel your subscription here on the Rekitchen site.  When you have cancelled your subscription we ask you to pack all the products safely in a box. You will get a return slip to put on your package. Then you can leave your package in one of all the place of deliveries (often the local grocery store). If you have cancelled your subscription but the products have not been retured to us within one weeks we will start your subscription again.